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Hi, I’m Don!

I grew up in Safety Harbor but I got in a LOT of trouble here – like, bank robberies, drug addiction – you name it! But fortunately, my life did an incredible one-eighty, and today I help others turn their life around as well.

If you enjoy reading interesting, inspirational stories, here are a couple things you might be interested in…


Virtual Book Reading/Signing and Q&A

Yep, I’ll be doing a free reading of my book The Prison Within, and I’ll also be taking questions! I hope you can join me on November 13th! 

Suport Your Local Indie Bookstore!!

Order The Prison Within from Safety Harbor indie bookstore Portkey Books today!

About the Book

It’s 2011 and Don is homeless. He’s a hard-core, street-level drug addict, a secluded loner, and he’s been declared by the courts to be insane. And as if that weren’t enough, he’s also served over twenty years in prison for bank robberies – and he’s been charged with yet another one!!!

It’s 2018. Don’s a homeowner. He’s sober and has genuine friends. He’s married and he’s become a father with two boys. He’s the Director of Software Development for an international financial services company that makes banking software. He’s a transformational speaker, helping others by spreading a message of hope and self-forgiveness.

The Prison Within: A Memoir of Breaking Free is the true, inspirational story of how despair and extreme isolation miraculously turned to hope, connection, and true success. The journey begins as an out of control train wreck, twisting downward through the madness of seedy drug motels, mental institutions, and prison yards. But Don’s path takes a desperate turn, and a slow climb leads to personal awakening, transformation, and healing that propels him upward to make an astonishing comeback.

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