The Power of One

Oneness – Our Superpower

We are one. We are made of the same stuff – we ultimately come from the stars. We share the same DNA. And we are all part of the same humanity. And out of this oneness emerges some basic principles: each one of us is entitled to dignity, self-respect and freedom.

Knowing and experiencing this truth on a heartfelt level is the very foundation of truth and light. Conversely, to the degree we do not internalize it, we are living in darkness.

For Don it was a long, heartbreaking journey to finally embrace this truth. But when he finally did, the results were miraculous, transforming his life from one of hopelessness, despair and isolation to strength, connection, and light.

Don is an author and speaker, telling his compelling story, presenting a message of hope and transformation. Don is currently spreading this message across the United States on the 2021 The Power of One tour.


Don’s Story

The Prison Within


Listen to Don share his journey on radio, video interveiws and recovery podcasts:

About Don

Don is a member of the Rotary Club of Safety Harbor, as well as a member of the Speakers Bureau for the Pinellas County School Board, where he offers a presentation to High Schools entitled The Hero Within: Bringing out Your Inner Greatness.

Don is also founder of both Aha! Bookpress and Men for Recovery, organizations that  addiction and trauma related issues

What Others Are Saying

“By sharing his personal story of overcoming adversity in marketing publications and at HEP affiliated events, Don is inspiring others to follow in his footsteps [and also] reaching HEP’s donor base”

Ashley Lowery

CEO & President, Homeless Emergency Project

Don’s story is a “powerful message [that] inspires his audience to move forward from whatever happened in the past and work to make positive change”

Derrik Craun

Assistant Principle, Boca Ciega HS

If you are considering having Don speak at your event, I can say from first-hand experience that you will not be disappointed! Don is the face of raw and honest reality, a hero who had the guts to confront tremendous adversity head-on, and who continues to challenge himself and others to raise the bar. He is a genuine, witty, and an extremely inspiring motivational speaker. He is that unassuming guy who reels you in and then completely takes you by storm.

Monica Eaton-Cardone

Entreprenuer, Speaker, Founder Cb911/Fi911

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